How To Use A Plastic Bag To Keep Flies Out Of Your Home

There are little annoyances you may encounter throughout the day, like knocking something over or spilling food, and then there are those annoyances that drive you crazy, like a fly getting into the house. If you've ever found yourself searching high and low for a way to deter flies from coming inside, the answer might lie in the strangest combination of household items: Filling a plastic bag (such as a Ziplock) with water, and then adding coins to it, will keep these obnoxious pests from bothering you and your loved ones. It might seem far-fetched, but anything is worth a try for peace and quiet from the incessant buzzing of a wayward fly.

Flies gravitate toward spaces that could offer their next meal, and that puts people's interiors on their radars. Even if you keep your home pristine, a fly's olfactory senses are extremely strong, so they can detect the smallest spill or collection of crumbs from fairly far away. Impressive as that is, it leaves you susceptible to their frustrating dance around your kitchen, living room, or wherever else they can reach in their search of a snack. It's not just food that pulls them in, though. They also look for water wherever they can, and many abodes have water available at all times — whether on purpose or not — which is why this trick is worth a try.

Try this plastic bag fly deterrent hack

The internet is helpful for finding solutions to many problems, so it's no wonder there are entire videos and pages dedicated to repelling flies from your home. One TikToker, @miseenplace_au, posted a video showing how to use the plastic bag hack. First, she fills her bag halfway full of water. Make sure there are no holes in the bag to avoid drips or spillage that will tempt the flies, rather than deter them. From there, you can add several coins of your choice. While she uses Australian 10-cent coins (which are silver in color), you can use whatever coins you want — even pennies. Once you've placed the coins in the water, you want to use a piece of string to hang the bag on your doors or windows.

The general train of thought is that the reflection of the coins in the water confuses the flies. As the Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation explains, their eyes aren't made to pivot or sync on any one item. Instead, they focus on light, so the effect the water and coins create will ultimately put the flies off because it can't comprehend it or focus on it. This will stop them from landing in your home since they will be highly confused, opting for someplace less stressful and stimulating.

Other tips for keeping flies away

While this hack is absolutely one to add to your "must try" list, there are other ways to keep pests out of your house. These come down to basic cleaning tips, like wiping up any spills, crumbs, or excess food that may be prevalent on the floors or counters. Take out the trash regularly, since flies are attracted by the aroma of spoiled foods, and close trash can lids to keep them from using your bins as their Tinder meetup spots.

Screen doors are another useful tool in keeping pests out, so if you want to keep your doors or windows open to catch a breeze, make sure there is a screen to block out unwanted visitors. Store-bought options like citronella candles or essential oils can help, too, but keeping flies away is a game of trial and error. The plastic bag trick seems to have people buzzing (pun intended) about its positive results, so it's worth trying if flies are a constant in and around your house.