Tips For Painting Your Stairwell On A Budget

During your home décor journey, there may be one spot in your home that you might have overlooked, and that is your stairwell. A good-looking staircase can add a touch of elegance and transform your home's interior, and, according to At Lane & High, you can do several different things to give it personality and pizzazz, like decorating the wall.

For example, they suggest creating a gallery wall with family photographs or art. You could also add picture molding or a board and batten wall for a classic look. Wallpaper, fabric, or exposed brick are also suggested for those who want to try something bolder. While these are all great ideas, there might be an easier and much cheaper option if you want to save up and reinvent your stairwell: You could dress up your stairs with a painted runner or paint your whole staircase! Keep reading to discover how to transform your stairwell on a budget with paint.

A touch of paint

My Paint Guide says you should start by carefully inspecting the components of your stairwell before starting to paint. First, clean your staircase and use sandpaper to get rid of any dents or scratches so you're left with a smooth surface to paint. Next, they suggest covering everything around the stairwell with newspaper or drop cloths to protect the surroundings from potential paint stains. If your stairwell is so designed, you can then use a ladder (if you have one handy) to help you reach the higher areas.

As Little Bits of Home suggests, however, you should be able to get away with painting your stairwell without the help of a ladder if you don't have access to one. They recommend using a paint roller for an even coating of paint and considering using an edger attached to an extension pole for those hard-to-reach corners. They also note that taking up the project can be a little tedious and tiring, but you're saving a ton of money instead of allowing someone else to do it for you or going for a different revamp, and you'll have your stairwell looking fresh and bright.

Budget-friendly painting

While painting your stairwell yourself is a great way to save money on hired help, there's still more you can do to make this an even more budget-friendly project without compromising on quality. According to Riggins Painting, proper planning when painting anything is key to making sure you don't overspend. Decide on how much paint you'll need based on how much area you will need to cover. Remember to shop for higher quality paint as it will give you much better coverage, so you won't need to use as much as you would if you went with a cheaper paint.

Seaside Sundays says that investing in better quality painting equipment whenever you decide to paint something is also important, as cheaper equipment might not do a great job. You don't want to end up with a shabby-looking staircase, so it is essential to know when and where to invest in a higher-quality product. They also suggest keeping an eye out for promos or deals at your local hardware stores.