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10 Companion Plants You Should Grow Next To Cucumbers In Your Garden
This easy-to-care-for, colorful annual blooms from spring to fall and is commonly found near herbs and vegetables. When Nasturtium is grown nearby vegetable plants, like cucumbers, it repels many harmful insect species away from produce and helps to keep weeds from invading.
Chives can have a positive impact on your home garden when you plant them near your cucumbers. In addition to their great taste, chives can actually help you drive away pests and pesky animals due to their strong onion or garlic scent.
Peas are among the best companion plants for cucumbers due to their roots' ability to nourish the soil by increasing its nitrogen content. More nitrogen in the soil allows cucumbers and many nearby plants to grow more quickly and produce healthy vegetables.
Sunflowers are known for more than just their beauty. They also attract a range of beneficial wildlife, predatory insects, and pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, so all of your plants can grow healthy and strong.
Corn may seem like a strange addition to a home garden, but if you are serious about raising a productive summer and fall vegetable garden, it is not a tough decision to make. Corn grows straight, erect stems as it ages that are used by cucumber plants as a natural trellis.