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10 Drought-Resistant Flowers Perfect For Hanging Baskets
Popular for their beautiful purple flowers, petunias actually come in many varieties that provide different flower color options. Though considered annuals, petunias can be grown as perennials in USDA zones 9 to 11, and they thrive in fertile, well-drained soil under the full sun.
String of Pearls
String of pearls are fast-growing, drought resistant, and can thrive both indoors and outdoors, making them an excellent choice for a hanging basket. The plant can grow up to 15 inches in length and blooms tiny, cinnamon-scented flowers.
Air Plant
Better known as Tillandsia, this air plant is a low-maintenance species that doesn’t require soil to grow and can be fun to display in tiny baskets and transparent pots. However, not every species thrives well under full sun, so go for varieties with thicker leaves that hold moisture better.
This tiny succulent is a delight to the eyes thanks to its bright, colorful flowers, which come in red, pink, white, and yellow, depending on the variety. It is a fast-growing plant that often droops on the sides of baskets or pots, and its flowers only bloom when the sun is up and shining.
Spider Plant
Chlorophytum comosum, often referred to as the spider plant, is commonly grown indoors but also does well outside, especially in warmer climates. They are easy to grow, love the sun, and may produce small white flowers during the summer.