Storage drawers in a room.
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10 Genius Ways To Repurpose An Old Filing Cabinet
Chalkboard Drawers
To achieve this, paint the front of each drawer of your old filing cabinet with a little chalkboard paint before labeling each drawer with whatever is inside.
Wood-topped Table
For this, add a piece of wood to the top and a few smaller ones to the front of each drawer on your cabinet. Finish it off with some trim, paint, and new handles.
Cabinet Desk
Build a DIY desk using an old filing cabinet to hold one end of a rectangular piece of wood before adding legs of the same height as the cabinet on the opposite side.
Craft Organizer
Use old filing cabinets to store and organize craft supplies, in-progress projects, and finished pieces. Add artistic details on the outside to give it a new style.
Movable Mural
Cover your old filing cabinets in lovely, artistic murals of your choice. You can then move the decorative cabinet to feature it in different places around your home.