Close-up of gray duct tape
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10 Home & Garden Hacks You Need Duct Tape For
DIY A Fly Trap
Get rid of pesky flies by cutting a 12-inch strip of duct tape and hanging it near problem areas. Lightly spray it with sugar water to attract the pests to the trap.
Easily Sweep Floors
Attach a line of tape along the edge of your dustpan, and secure it to the floor. Now, when you sweep, no debris will be left behind due to the seamless edge.
Make A Lint Roller
Wrap duct tape sticky-side-up around a paint roller or toilet paper roll to make a DIY lint roller. Clean up pet hair, dryer lint, dust, and more with ease.
Fix Stripped Screws
If the teeth inside of a screw’s head have worn away, it can be almost impossible to remove since a drill or screwdriver won’t have anything to catch on.
Place a piece of tape over the head to increase the screwdriver’s grip inside the hole. This is ideal for partially worn screws and may not work if the gears are entirely gone.
Seal Caulking Tubes
Caulking will dry out without a cover, so to keep your half-filled tubes fresh, use two strips of duct tape to create an air-tight seal over the tube’s tip.