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10 Reasons To Save Old Bedsheets
An old sheet can be a great bedskirt. Hang it over the box spring and place the mattress on top, or alter it to make corner pockets so it hangs like a traditional skirt.
To make pillowcases from bedsheets, cut two panels of 20 inches by 26 inches. Sew them on three sides and leave the opposite end open, then add a zipper or a button.
Measure the window, add 2 inches, and cut out the panels. Fold over 2 inches of fabric on one end, and glue its edge to the panel to create an opening for curtain rods.
Turn an old bedsheet into a tablecloth by placing it over a table. For a more polished look, cut any identifying folds at the top, hem it, or add trim around the border.
Drop Cloth
Simply spread old bedsheets over the floor or furniture the next time you paint. They'll make for an easier clean-up and protect any surfaces from paint drips.