Spice jars in the kitchen
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11 Clever Ways Old Spice Jars Can Be Repurposed Around Your Home
Add Flowers
Old spice jars can be used as mini flower vases. You can leave the top off completely or use the small holes in the lid to make the stems stand upright.
You can even fill them with water, pebbles, beads, and sand before adding in your flowers. They fit nicely as an ornament on a mantle, bookshelf, or tabletop.
Propagate Plants
Use empty spice jars to propagate a houseplant. Insert the stems through the holes in the lid so the clippings are upright and safe from drowning.
The bottles can then fit on a windowsill without taking up much space in the room. Once the cutting grows roots, you can plant it and reuse the spice jar for more propagation.
Store Seeds
Store the seeds you collect from your garden to plant the following year in a spice jar. The container offers protection against water, dust, and pests.
Plant Seeds
When planting tiny seeds, save time and energy by pouring the seeds into a spice jar and then shaking them out over your prepared ground.
Make Potpourri
Turn spice jars into potpourri by storing the dried herbs and flowers in them. You can dry out your own herbs and flower petals or buy a pre-made potpourri mix.