Joanna Gaines visits "Fox & Friends" to discuss the book 'Capital Gaines' and the ending of the show 'Fixerupper' at Fox News Studios on October 18, 2017 in New York City.
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11 Of Fixer Upper's Most Epic Living Room Makeovers
1. Originally A Kitchen
The 1920s layout of this house no longer worked for modern needs, so Joanna and Chip put the spacious living room where the entryway and kitchen were.
The result was an airy floor plan with plenty of space and light that made the house feel more interconnected
and a massive family room
that made a statement.
2. Salvaged Fireplace
This home had a lot of features covered up by bad remodels, including the 100-year-old fireplace that was salvaged and became the house’s focal point.
The couple doubled the living room's space by tearing down the wall that closed off the space, but they left the fireplace right in the middle, creating a unique feature.
3. Condemned
After removing all the debris from this previously dilapidated home, Gaines noticed the living room was awkwardly joined with the dining room and entryway.
A random space to the side was turned into the perfect reading nook, while the entryway was blended with the living area, making the 100-year-old stairs the focal point.
4. Architectural
The Gaines' upgraded the cookie-cutter living room of a 1990s riverfront home by giving it thoughtful architectural features, making it something special.
They ripped out the dingy carpeting and laid down mahogany flooring, and added a series of wooden beams to the ceiling, adding a unique structural feature to the space.
5. Tiny Room
This shotgun house’s living room was hardly big enough for what many people would consider a proper entryway, but Joanna made it
look much larger.
The Gaineses included an addition above the original roofline, creating a 20-foot ceiling over the main living area and mindfully
placed furniture pieces
to improve the room.