Tomato cages in the garden
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11 Unique Ways To Make An Old Tomato Cage Useful Again
Deter Critters
Cut a cage underneath its rings, then push the cut portions into the soil at a plant's base so it acts as a barrier, preventing critters from destroying your plants.
Garden Stakes
One tomato cage can make many sturdy stakes. Cut the cages into metal strips and use them to train droopy stems to stand upright or reinforce vines with heavy fruit.
Plant Protection
Make a DIY garden cloth with a tomato cage and mesh laundry bag to protect your plants from frost, harsh winds, and rain. It also deters pests and critters away.
Elevated Cooler
Place a bowl of ice on top of a tomato cage and fill it with your favorite drinks or frozen treats so they are within arm's reach near the pool, deck, or balcony.
Plant Stand
The sturdy metal wiring of a tomato cage can be a stylish platform for plant pots. With the elevated base, you can also put a low-growing shrub at the cage's bottom.