Recycling container full of empty plastic bottles
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12 Clever Ways To Reuse Plastic Water Bottles Around The House
Create a propagation station using plastic water bottles as mini greenhouses to start seeds indoors before transplanting them into a pot or your yard when they sprout.
Bird Feeder
Cut an opening in the side of a plastic bottle, tape the sharp edges to avoid harming the birds, hang the feeder in a tree with screws or string, and add seeds.
Bag Seal
Cut off the top of a water bottle, remove the cap, feed a bag through the bottleneck, fold it over the mouth, then screw on the top, sealing the bag’s contents inside.
To make a gravity watering system, cut an opening in the bottom of a bottle, push the bottle’s mouth into the soil near your plant, then fill the bottle with water.
Hang some empty water bottles in your garage or wherever you regularly use small parts, then store items like screws or buttons in them to keep them accessible.