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12 Things You Should Think About Before Buying A DIY Shed Kit
Permit And Approval
Before buying your DIY shed kit, consult your city's zoning department and homeowners association to determine if you need a permit or to comply with any requirements. Shed regulations vary by location, and you may need to pass an inspection if you plan to use the shed as a living or workspace.
Extensive DIY Project
Shed kits typically require framing experience and comfort with tools like nail guns, power drills, and levels since they consist of pre-cut materials that you must assemble. This project can be challenging for beginners and may dampen their enthusiasm for DIY home improvement projects.
Additional Costs
Remember that additional costs may arise when using a shed kit, such as delivery fees, permits, and add-on materials. Make sure your kit includes all essential components, and account for expenses like shingles, weather protection, paint, and assistance from others.
Until you've checked with the zoning department, maintain a safe distance from property lines, fences, trees, and other structures when placing your shed. Keep in mind that shed kits are delivered on pallets, so you may need to rent a vehicle to move it to the desired spot.
Less Polished Look
While affordable, most DIY shed kits have lower-quality materials which can lead to a less polished appearance. Inexperience in construction can impact the shed's aesthetics, potentially affecting your home's value and curb appeal, making the savings less justifiable in the long run.