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13 Must-Have Grill Cleaners That'll Come In Handy This Summer
Dawn Platinum Spray
This foamy, grill-safe dishwashing spray penetrates grime and easily reaches all of your grill’s nooks and crannies. It also lacks harsh, heavy-duty chemicals.
Natural Elements 30%
For a natural deep clean, wipe your grill with soap to break down grease, then use this 30% vinegar concentration to easily target the remaining residue.
Since this concentration is quite strong, you may need to water it down first. It can also remove start-of-the-season rust from the grill — just add salt for extra scrubbing power.
Traeger Grill Cleaner
This grease-cutting, all-natural formula is biodegradable and food-safe. Just let it soak up to 10 minutes before wiping away the broken-down grease with ease.
Carbona Grill Kit
Place your grate in the provided bag (use a heavy trash bag for large racks), add the cleaning solution, and leave it for eight hours before rinsing it clean.
Goo Gone Grill Cleaner
Goo Gone’s fast-acting foamy spray removes sticky residue from grills and grates while reducing smoke and flare-ups after cleaning. Plus, it’s biodegradable.