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15 Art Deco Color Combinations That You'll Want To Use In Your Home
Pink, Green, & Gold
Pink and green mingle well together for a tropical feel, and seen here is a plush pink armchair, which contrasts the rich, dark green wallpaper featuring a gold geometric pattern. Other complementing gold elements are found in the accent table, chair legs, lamp, and baseboards.
Brown, Cream, & Gold
A cozy, neutral vibe exists in this urban loft with roomy brown and cream armchairs, brown and white furnishings, and gray walls. Hints of yellow and gold emerge from the ornamental picture frame and geometric rug to complement black elements within the frames and bookshelves.
Soft Blue With Neutrals
Blue is a cool color that mixes with many colors, and this art deco-style living room features delicate blue walls with gray accents in the clad material and curtains. The black and white area rug and mirror give a dramatic appeal compared to the softer beige, brown, cream, and white hues.
Purple Monochrome
Sometimes purple appears in art deco designs, as it pairs well with silver and gold metallics. Pictured is a unique monochrome-colored dining room and kitchen that features various lilac-purple shades while gold and silver metal décor gives shine to the delicate hues.
Eclectic Colors
Define your space with an assortment of colors and textures; for example, this velvety emerald couch is the focus amidst a black and white checkered floor while the greenery from the planters and picture gives the space depth. Blue and red accents also make the pillows and plant décor pop.