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15 Beautiful
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Containers In
The Shade
With over 1,800 varieties to choose from, the begonia blossoms in partial shade when given enough water and fresh fertilizer. These plants are easy to take care of and can prosper with only partial sun, but they are harmful to pets.
Jack Frost Brunnera
Once named Perennial of the Year by Wisconsin Horticulture, the Jack Frost Brunnera can survive high temperatures, repel deer and rabbits, and is extremely low maintenance. This plant requires extra water during dry periods and flourishes in shady, moist conditions.
Elephant Ear
The elephant ear will burgeon year-round in tropical temperatures, but despite their love of heat, these plants prefer to be in areas with filtered shade to show off their vibrant colors. The elephant ear is toxic when ingested, as stated by Garden Design.
Bush Violet
Bush violets grow best in either partial or full shade, when watered regularly, and enhancing soil with compost can help these plants thrive. Enhancing soil with compost can help these plants thrive. Bush violets attract pollinators, but they can also be dangerous for pets.
The astilbe is a resilient plant that does well with partial shade and damp soil, especially in the summertime. Its colorful blossoms attract butterflies while repelling deer and rabbits, and it blooms best in the summer and spring.