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15 Cheap And Clever Ways To Perk Up Your Patio
String Lights
For an attractive, bistro-style mood, string lights are an inexpensive way to add a warm glow to your patio. There are many different varieties including Edison, LED, solar-powered, jar, and twinkle lights, or if you want a pop of color, try paper lanterns.
Décor Signage
Your décor perks up your patio while showcasing your style and personality in an outdoor space. For a classic look, put up a simple welcome sign in a bold color, or choose a funny or rustic-style sign to enliven your space.
Garden Beds
While you’re outside enjoying your patio, plant some herb seeds in a garden bed against a wall to use for cooking or al fresco cocktails. Flowers can also add color and beauty to your space, and if you plant pollinator-friendly plants, they can also benefit the bees.
Area Rug
Outdoor rugs make your patio feel cozy, and even though your rug won’t be a shag or cotton, there are many that are soft, durable, and washable. Choose a fun color or pattern, and place it under your furniture for a relaxing vibe.
Colorful Pillows
For a decorative element that also provides comfort, add colorful pillows to your patio furniture. These also serve as mobile seat cushions for kids, and they can easily be changed out and washed when needed.