An IKEA rolling cart in the kitchen
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15 Clever Storage Ideas You Can Create With An IKEA Rolling Cart
School Supplies
Keep your children's learning aids organized in an IKEA storage cart. Its large shelves are perfect for storing workbooks, note cards, and other supplies.
All the supplies can be placed in one easy-to-access location. You can stow the cart away when you’re not using it, and then wheel it back into the room when it's time to study.
Nighttime Essentials
Nightstands are helpful in cutting back the clutter in a bedroom, but if your nightstand isn't providing enough storage options, turn to an IKEA utility cart.
The cart is about the same size as your average nightstand, but it boasts a ton of additional storage space. It’s also much less expensive than a lot of other choices.
Bathroom Accessories
An IKEA cart is perfect for organizing your bathroom vanity. Keep your most-used items by the sink and other items, like makeup or hair brushes, on the cart.
These carts are often small enough to fit in the awkward spaces between your toilet and the wall, but they can also be wheeled around if you prefer to use them in another room.
Command Center
If you want extra storage space for your family's command center, slide an IKEA utility cart under or next to the existing one and let it hold all your necessities.
You can easily store dry erase pens, a planner that can be referenced when adding dates to your calendar, or even items that you need to remember to grab before the day ahead.
Sewing Supplies
A storage cart is a neat solution to keep all your sewing supplies in one place so you don't end up with pins, fabric scraps, and needles scattered around your home.
You can even add a mini ironing board on the top shelf. The metal cart is heat-resistant, so you have a convenient place to press seams, fold pleats, and even cut pattern pieces.