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15 Genius Tips For Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets
Start High, Go Low
Before cleaning, make sure to shut all your drawers and cabinets to avoid debris from falling into them, and always start at the top and work down so you don't have to reclean anything. If the top of your cabinets is exposed, line it with wax paper and replace it when it gets dusty.
Routinely Dust
Washing your cabinets weekly is not realistic for many people, but giving them a simple dust down once a week will help keep everything clean. Before wiping your counters, run a dry cloth over the cabinet surfaces, taking a little extra care around grooves where dust collects.
Clean Exteriors
Simply spot-cleaning food stains will keep your cabinets looking pretty fresh, but when they're due for a more thorough scrubbing, spray the cloth rather than directly onto the cabinet to avoid saturating the surface. Don't forget to run your cloth along the tops of doors on your lower cabinets.
Avoid Soaking
Excess moisture can damage a cabinet’s finish or paint job, warp less durable materials, and rust hinges. Along with spraying cleaner onto a cloth rather than directly onto cabinets, wring out your cloth or sponge in the sink before using.
Get Into The Grooves
If your cabinets have grooves, dip a soft toothbrush into your cleaning solution and rub it along the details to remove dust and grime. Alternately, place a dust cloth on the end of a chopstick to rub inside hard-to-reach spots, especially if your cabinet has beading or intricate designs.