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15 Genius Tips
To Drill Holes
Into Metal
Protect Yourself
Stray shrapnel from drilling can cause serious injury, so putting on protective gear before working with metal is a must. Wear safety goggles, overalls, cut-resistant gloves, and boots to properly cover yourself up.
Clamping the metal to your work surface will ensure it doesn’t slip while you’re drilling, preventing you from making any unwanted scratches. Having a sturdy workspace also protects you against accidents and injuries.
Type Of Hole
Pay attention to the kind of metal you’re working with and the kind of project you’re working on to determine the type of hole you need to drill. For example, if you want a ⅜-inch hole, you should use the pilot hole technique.
Type Of Drill
Any type of drill will work on metal, including cordless drills, impact drivers, and hammer drills, but you need to choose your drill bits carefully. Twisted drill bits with enlarged centers are the best choice when working with metal.
Mark The Holes
The best way to ensure accuracy and guarantee a job well done is to mark the place you want your hole to be before drilling. Pencils, chalk and spray paint are all great tools you can use to mark your hole points.