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15 Gorgeous Ways To Bring Natural Wood Into Your Bathroom
Accent Wall
Add a bit of dimension in both texture and color to an otherwise white bathroom with a wood accent wall. Use it to highlight your vanity area, complete with a large mirror and fun statement light pieces, or go a step further with a unique pattern, like chevron, instead of plain planks.
Rustic Farmhouse
Add some rustic, vintage charm to your bathroom with rougher wood elements such as raw, unfinished, slightly rough wood backing and similar ceiling paneling. Modernize it with lighter base colors and
iron accents to create a unique
and inviting space.
Brutalist Inspiration
Wood can help break up the intensity of brutalist designs, especially in a small space like a bathroom. Look for darker stains and raw grains, incorporating wood through your vanity or countertops, mirror frames, ladders, etc., and pair it with rough, classically brutalist elements like stone and steel.
Cabin Style
If you like a lot of natural wood, go for a truly rustic, cabin-inspired bathroom design. Use wood everywhere — the wall paneling, doors, mirror frame, vanity, flooring, and even the ceiling — add some natural stone elements and top it off with brass hardware.
Subtle Wood Additions
In contrast, you can subtly incorporate wood while still highlighting the material. For example, in an all-white bathroom, wood will pop and even highlight certain design choices, and you can use it to trim the edge of
your tub and window to tie the
two elements together.