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15 Ground Cover Plants You Should Grow Instead Of Grass In Your Yard
Lamb’s Ear
Lamb’s ear is a member of the mint family and thrives in full sun or minimally shaded yards in well-draining soil. This plant is green with slightly fuzzy leaves, but it also sprouts purplish-pink flowers each spring.
Japanese Pachysandra
If your yard gets little sun, Japanese pachysandra is a beautiful plant to grow, and it sprouts tiny white buds in spring and summer. It’s deer and rabbit resistant, and when planted in moist but well-draining soil, it can grow about six to 12 inches high and up to 12 inches wide.
Goldmoss Stonecrop
Goldmoss stonecrop thrives in dry areas and grows three inches high and 24 inches wide and sprouts yellow star-shaped flowers each spring and summer. It’s often found in a variety of soil conditions, including dry, rocky terrain of ravines and crevices.
Delosperma grows well in a dry, less humid area where it’s perennial, and it grows up to six inches tall and 24 inches wide. The most common variant grows pink and yellow flowers each spring, and this plant thrives in rocky, sandy, or loamy soil.
Creeping Dogwood
Creeping dogwood does amazing in shady areas and it sprouts small white buds each spring. This plant can grow six to 12 inches tall and 12 inches wide when planted in moist, acidic soil.