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15 Houseplants That Even Beginners
Can Grow
Devil’s Ivy
Devil’s ivy is an easy plant to take care of, as it only needs minimal sunlight and grows into a beautiful, glossy green heart shape. When it comes to watering, just spray a mist of water onto the leaves regularly, and water the soil when it’s dry.
Moon Cactus
Moon cactus thrives in room temperature environments in indirect sunlight, and it’s a succulent that only needs to be watered when the soil is dry, but make sure the pot has a good drainage system. It comes in beautiful colors like bright orange, hot pink, and yellow.
Like moon cactus, jade should be in a well draining pot and should only be watered when the soil is dry. It benefits from a few hours of sunlight each day, and to keep it extra healthy, use a few drops of diluted fertilizer every two weeks so it can reach three feet tall.
String Of Buttons
String of buttons is known for its unique spiral pattern, and it loves full or partial sun, so putting it near a window will be quite helpful. It only needs to be watered when the soil is dry, and it can grow up to 18 inches.
Begonia thrives in brightly lit areas and should be watered regularly. This is a leafy succulent that comes in pink, burgundy, or white, and it grows to be six inches to a foot tall.