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15 Houseplants That Will Make Your Home Smell Amazing
Lemon Balm
If you love the smell of lemons but don’t have room for a citrus tree, you should get lemon balm, and place it in neutral to acidic well-drained soil. Lemon balm can be used in teas, taken as a supplement, and also used as a soothing topical solution.
The hoya vine sprouts delicate five-point star flowers and has thick, waxy leaves. Hoyas give off a vanilla or citrus scent, depending on the species, and thrive in well-draining, lightweight soil with plenty of natural but indirect sunlight.
Grape hyacinths, more popularly known as bluebells, sprout bulbous flowers that resemble a cluster of grapes. This plant smells a bit grassy and grapey, and it does great in well-draining potting soil with full sun exposure.
The pansy orchid is fairly easy to take care of indoors, and it has a beautiful light floral scent, similar to that of a rose. Orchids need a mixture of indirect sun and shade and should be planted in potting soil, like fir bark or sphagnum moss.
Lavender is known for its distinct floral, herby, and woodsy smell. Dried lavender stems can seep in tea or oils for topical or culinary use, and this plant grows wonderfully indoors with full sun exposure in dry, well-draining alkaline soil.