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15 Houseplants That Will Spice Up Your Holiday Decor
From Ferrari to Sweet Lillian, there are plenty of stunning varieties of these easy-to-bloom flowers. You can incorporate them on top of your dining table, string a handful of the flower stalks together and hang them over the table, or mount them on your walls for a festive look.
Poinsettias are ornamental plants with clusters of yellow flowers surrounded by red foliage, and they're known as Christmas Eve flowers in Mexico. The legend is that a little girl had nothing but weeds to give to baby Jesus on Christmas, but when she prayed at the altar, they turned into poinsettias.
Holiday Cactus
Holiday cacti are a group of three long-lived plants, namely the Christmas cactus, the Thanksgiving cactus, and the Easter cactus. These ornamental flowers bloom when the days become shorter in winter, but be sure to plant them in moderate or direct sunlight with well-draining soil.
The holly shrub has glossy, spiky green leaves and bright red berries. These evergreen plants are synonymous with Christmas as people have been "decking the halls" with them for centuries, so incorporate this décor by hanging them around the fireplace and Christmas tree or making a wreath.
Shooting Star Hydrangea
This deciduous shrub features double-star-shaped flowers and mid-green leaves that are perfect for holiday décor or as a gift. Shooting star hydrangeas bloom in early summer and fall, but be sure to plant them in moist, well-drained soil.