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15 Ideas To Spice Up A Blank Wall
Using a neon sign in any space adds a sassy, colorful conversation piece that will electrify your room. You can order over-the-bed dreamy notions or punchy motivational quotes from online retailers, or seek out an artisan to customize your own.
Brick Veneer
Adding brick brings character and texture to your room while infusing it with warm shades of rosewood and rust. Whether you want a whole wall or just a portion of an architectural feature, brick can bring a cozy, city loft feeling to your living room.
Introduce texture, movement, and softness to your space while concealing any damage and absorbing sound with drapery. You can also get creative and fashion a bed canopy or sleeping nook using stylish curtains.
Painted Accent Wall
Accent walls create interest and drama within your room by adding a focal point to your interior design. They are best used in big, open areas to separate the space and give an intimate feel, but conversely, they can make a small room feel enclosed.
Marble Tile
Tiles are much easier and less expensive than stone slabs, and you can create the perfect accent with your marble tiles. These obviously work well in kitchens or bathrooms, but you can also use them in bar areas, laundry rooms, or entryways.