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15 Items That Will Make Retirement At Home Extra Enjoyable
Roombas vacuum your carpet so that you don't have to, making them a great investment. They also have certain perimeters they stay in, and some even come with a mopping feature.
Lazyboy Chair
Since you'll be spending a lot more time at home, it's important to have a cozy place to just sit and relax. Lazyboy is one of the most popular brands; however, recliners come in many other brands as well as sizes and designs.
Adjustable Mattress
Mattresses these days come with plenty of features, including lifting, lowering, and an adjustable hot and cold setting. Buying a mattress that you can adjust to your specifications will allow you to have some of the best sleep of your life.
Autostart Coffee Maker
Some coffee makers have a feature where you can set the coffee to start making at a certain time, allowing you to wake up to a fresh cup of joe. All you need to do is add the coffee grains and water the night before.
New Alarm Clock
It's still important to have a regular routine even in retirement, and most people need an alarm clock to wake up at a certain time. Technology has come a long way, and these days, alarm clocks come with an array of sounds that won't startle you out of your sleep.