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15 Perennial Plants That Will Last For Decades
Hostas are among the bestselling perennials in the U.S as they bring versatility to your garden. Their leaves have a unique shape and color, and you’ll want to have slightly acidic rich organic soil to grow during the summer and fall.
The name daylily means “beauty for a day,” because these flowers open in the morning and close by night. They need full sun and slightly acidic or neutral soil, and even though “lily” is in the name, it’s surprisingly not a lily at all!
Peonies are one of the most popular perennial flowers, most likely because of their beauty and longevity as they grow for decades. This flower comes in a variety of colors and sizes with a lovely fragrance, and all you need is a neutral pH and regular care.
Compared to other perennial plants, foxgloves typically only last three to five years. However, to encourage regrowth, grow foxglove in balanced, well-drained soil that’s not too soggy or too dry.
Not only does lavender come in purple, but there are green and gray variants as well. These are gorgeous plants to grow in your backyard that can also attract pollinators, and they aren’t particular when it comes to soil.