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15 Things In Your Bathroom That Are Making It Feel Outdated
Old-Fashioned Wallpaper
Small floral print wallpaper is one of the most obvious ways your bathroom could appear outdated. As many newer patterns have a modern look, the problem isn't the wallpaper itself, but the real issue is if there's any peeling or if the design feels old-fashioned.
Yellow Or Beige Walls
Yellow or beige walls are another obvious feature. Luckily, unlike wallpaper, paint color is extremely easy to change, and with a fresh coat of white paint (or another color), your bathroom can get a full facelift.
If your bathroom still has carpeting, it's definitely got to go. While popular decades ago, this feature can make a bathroom feel not only ancient but also dirty.
Toilet Rugs
Furthermore, even if you don't have actual carpets in your bathroom, you may still have a toilet rug, or even worse, a lid cover. Removing both these pieces would make your space appear more sanitary.
Bright Colors
Bright, vibrant colors can make your bathroom appear cheesy and tasteless. However, replacing bold tones with neutrals or muted shades is an easy way to elevate its appearance.