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15 Trees Perfect For A Small Garden
The beautiful magnolia is an ornamental tree that’s a great option for the front yard. The beautiful pink flowers fill the air with a sweet scent during spring, and there are different species of magnolias that vary in size, ranging from 15 feet up to 80 feet.
Japanese Stewartia
The Japanese Stewartia grows thick, rich foliage and doesn't consume a lot of space in the garden. It is famous for its exfoliating bark that peels into strips of various colors, but be sure to water this plant regularly, especially during the early stages.
Japanese Camellia
The Japanese Camellia features glossy foliage and promises beautiful blooms twice every year. Growing them can be a difficult and slow process, but the trees compensate for this by living for a very long time.
Bay Laurel
While its leaves are known for their use in culinary dishes, the bay laurel tree is small enough to grow in pots. Its straight stature gives it ornamental value when trimmed into a neat ball, though you’ll have to water it during the dry months to keep it looking healthy.
Japanese Maple
A popular tree because of its colorful foliage, the Japanese Maple has several varieties, with the dwarf species being particularly well-suited for small gardens. It will require watering during the early stages after planting, but it is technically maintenance-free once established.