Blue Tit in the garden in Falkirk, Scotland
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15 Unique DIY Bird Feeders That Will Look Great In Your Yard
Make a mix of birdseed, corn syrup, flour, water, and gelatin, and pack it into a cookie cutter. Once dry, run a piece of string through the ornament and hang it on a tree.
Wooden Tray
Get a square piece of wood, 12 by 12 inches long, with a notch in one corner. Glue small lengths of wood to create a border, then nail it to a tree, and put birdseed.
Orange Rind
Cut an orange in half, scoop out the insides, and pack half of it with a mix of seed and honey. Stick two skewers through it in an "x," then attach string to the ends.
Clay Tray
Use an old ashtray that’s been cleaned out or a pinch-pot
to make a simple clay tray. Simply place the birdseed in it, then set it in the perfect bird watching spot.
Plastic Bottle
Rinse out a used plastic bottle, then cut out a rectangular hole halfway up it. Then, pour birdseed into the top, cap the bottle, attach a string, and hang it.