Full magazine holders on desk
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15 Ways To Repurpose Magazine Holders For A More Organized Home
Pantry Organizer
To keep your loose pantry items neatly contained, use Command strips or hooks to attach the magazine holder to your pantry door, or simply place it on a shelf.
Closet Storage
Instead of shoving your socks or underwear into an open corner, slot them into personalized magazine holders to create easily accessible and cheap closet storage.
Seasonal Decor
If your magazine holder features wooden parts, you can disassemble them and use the resulting planks to create holiday ornaments, such as a painted ghost.
Toilet Paper Holder
Place extra toilet paper in a magazine holder next to your toilet to keep it organized and within reach. To keep it out of sight, put it in a cabinet.
Floating Shelf
Create a floating shelf to showcase your favorite pictures, books, and accessories by hanging a narrow magazine holder horizontally in the corner
of any room.