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16 Clever Ways To Upcycle Empty Alcohol Bottles In Your Home & Garden
To turn wine bottles into drinking glasses, mark the height of the glass you want on the bottle, place it flat on a table, and rotate it against the glass cutter.
Pour some boiling water over the incision, and immediately put the bottle in an ice bath. Repeat the steps until the glass breaks at the cut, then use sandpaper to smooth the rim.
Cut the glass and create your candle with an appropriate wax, wick, and scent oils and dyes. Elevate it by painting a design or translucent solid color on the outside.
Turn an alcohol bottle into a decorative lamp by placing copper LED string lights inside it. You can also thread a power source through the bottle, or buy a lamp-making kit.
Cut an old bottle into a vase, or use it as is. Create a wave-shaped rim with a bold paint color for a modern look, or wrap jute twine around the base for a coastal feel.
Snow Globe
Short bottles can make for interestingly shaped snow globes. Fill an empty bottle with cold water, a few drops of glycerin, and at least 2 tablespoons of glitter.
Secure the top or cork with hot glue, and cover the seam with ribbon for a festive look. Paint a decorative scene
on the outside in lieu of
internal decorations.