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16 Clever Ways To Use Command Strips In Your Home
Curtain Rod Hooks
Use Command Hooks to hang your curtain rods without damaging the walls. Command makes hooks, but you can use a Command Strip on the back of your own.
The thicker your curtains are, the heavier they'll be, so check their weight before hanging them. These hooks are best for areas like the living room and bedroom.
Create Wall Mounts
Creating a wall mount out of Command Hooks is simple and easy. Hold the object up to the wall, mark where the hooks need to go with a pencil, and apply.
This is perfect for things you want on the wall but also need to be able to access, like routers, weather and home security tech, or iPads for recipes and tutorials.
Paper Towel Hack
Rather than drilling holes into your cabinet for a hanging paper towel roll, you can use Command Hooks. Two larger Command Hooks can also serve as the holder.
Make sure to use hooks with a higher weight rating, as using a Command Strip with too low a rating can cause you to rip it off the wall when pulling on the paper towels.
Organize Cords
A larger Command hook can be used to hold wrapped cords like how you wrap a garden hose onto its holder. Smaller hooks can hide cords by attaching them to the wall.
You can also put Command Hooks on the side of a desk to keep cords from falling off or put them on the back of your kitchen appliances to wrap up the cord when not in use.
DIY Keyholders
Command has plenty of key-hanging devices, but if you already have a hanger you like and don't want to drill holes in the wall, you can use Command Stripes to mount it.
If you want to make this DIY as easy as possible, you can use a few Command Hooks in a row to create a makeshift stand.