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16 Free Shed Plans Anyone Can DIY
Garden Shed
A garden shed is a great option if you’re starting a garden but worried about where all your tools will go. You’ll need plywood, concrete, bricks, and more, but it’ll only take about two weeks to finish and can cost up to $2,200.
Gable Shed
A gable shed is a safe space for kids to play in while you’re doing yard work. This project takes about three weeks to complete, and you’ll need plywood gussets, anchor bolts, roof sheathing, concrete, and cedar channel siding.
Saltbox Shed
Saltbox sheds keep anything stored safely, and this is a beginner-friendly shed plan that takes up to three weeks to complete. Some materials include lumber, plywood, a joist hanger, a miter saw, and a drill.
Large Storage Shed
If you want a place to store a tractor or an extra car, a large shed is for you. My Outdoor Plans give a simple layout and instructions on how to build one.
Bike Shed
Bikes take up a lot of space, so it’s a good idea to have a separate bike shed. They’re smaller in size and won’t take up too much of your backyard, and it’s possible to finish this project in only a couple of days.