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18 Bathroom Flooring Ideas That Are Completely Unique
1. Eclectic Tiles
Add eclectic tiles to one area of the floor to give your bathroom more interest. Isolate them to one section, and to make it cohesive, keep all the tiles the same shape and size.
2. Patterned Tiles
If you want your whole floor to have the same look, cover it all with patterned tiles. To make it stand out, choose solid and neutral colors for the rest of the space.
3. Wooden Planks
Wooden planks can be used in the bathroom as long as they’re sealed properly. You can mix up the wood stains and install the planks in random patterns for a unique style.
4. Dark & Diagonal
To give your bathroom an interesting look, try installing long tiles diagonally and choosing a dark color, especially if the rest of the space is mostly white and light wood.
5. Mixed Tiles
Mixing tiles of different sizes will give your space a one-of-a-kind feel. You can also have the more detailed tiles lead towards the most beautiful area in the bathroom.