Unfinished basement with white walls
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18 Creative Ways To Add Charm To Your Unfinished Basement
Wipe Away Dust & Dirt
Whether it’s by dusting surfaces, mopping the floor, or sweeping up dirt, it's important to create a clean and fresh space before you start decorating.
Divide With Curtains
The openness of an unfinished basement might make the room feel cold, so dividing it with light, airy drapery along the ceiling will warm it up.
Lay Down An Area Rug
Not only does adding an area rug create a warmer and more intimate space, but also a base where you can easily create a comfortable seating arrangement.
Durable Seating
If you want to add seating, we advise choosing outdoor furniture because its moisture-resistant features will work best in a basement environment.
Colorful Play Mats
If you don't have carpet to cushion the blows of roughhousing kids, we suggest laying down foam mats. Any color will work, but vibrant hues will evoke a more cheerful environment.