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20 Before And After Backyard Makeovers You Can Try
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Before: Dull
With a half-dead lawn covered in leaves, an old fence, and overgrown shrubbery, YouTuber Shovel and Thumb’s dull backyard desperately needed to be brought back to life.
After: Lively
The leaf-strewn lawn was cleared up; the old fencing was repaired; and a wraparound stone pathway was added, with bright warm lights to create a vibrant outdoor space.
Before: Empty
YouTuber Great Home Ideas’ backyard had no obstacles or extensive cleaning to be done, so its tidy lawn and bare concrete was ready to be turned into a usable patio.
After: Entertaining
An updated platform and seating area with a couch and ottoman, decorative privacy screen, and strategic lighting turned an empty yard into a cozy hangout spot.
Before: Neglected
The yard YouTuber Top Notch Lawn Care had to contend with was littered with trash and old furniture and had tall grass and a cracked stone pathway with weeds.
After: Promising
The trash and old furniture scattered around the yard was removed; the tall grass was cut; and the overgrown stone pathway was weeded to reveal a promising canvas.
Before: Uninspiring
YouTuber Great Home Ideas’ yard was cleared and ready to renovate. They had an empty space with a tree, shrubs, wooden fences, and a brick wall to work with.
After: Stylish
A shaded, leafy seating area with chairs and a side table was created on a wooden deck, with a continuous wood plank pathway running through the yard.
Before: Ordinary
This renovation from House & Home featuring a medium-sized backyard with a built-in pool, pine trees, and a wraparound wooden privacy fence held lots of potential.
After: Oasis
The in-ground pool remained as the central feature, with a hot tub, a patio firepit, an outdoor kitchen, and chic seating added to create a modern entertainment area.