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20 Edible Plants You Can Grow In An Outdoor Hydroponic Garden
Pumpkins can be easily grown in a hydroponic system — a technique that doesn't require soil — but you wouldn’t want to do so indoors, as the plant can spread up to 12 feet. In an outdoor hydroponic setup, pumpkins can receive the water and nutrients needed to survive while also receiving natural sunlight and cooler fall temperatures.
Chives thrive in milder climates, but they can be grown almost anywhere with the proper care and are characterized by purple flowers and upright, hollow leaves that are bright green. These edible leaves are similar in flavor to onion and garlic, which share the same genus as chives.
In a traditional garden setup, you have to carefully watch your zucchini to make sure they don't overtake smaller plants, as they grow aggressively when provided with plenty of sunlight and water. However, growing them hydroponically will help solve this problem by containing them.
Celery is an edible plant that prefers colder climates. It's best grown outdoors where it can receive direct sunlight without becoming too hot, and Missouri Botanical Garden says that the celery plant is normally harvested in the fall before the first frost in the winter.
Broccoli and other plants in the Brassica family are well-suited to hydroponics and have shown lots of potential when grown this way. Even without the extra science, broccoli is a valuable plant in the garden for its low-maintenance needs and delicious cruciferous vegetables.