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20 Lighting Ideas That Will Brighten Up Your Deck
Stair Lighting
Illuminate your steps by adding lighting to the backing of them. Then, when night falls, and it becomes dark, you'll be less worried about tripping over your feet or loose material.
Go the traditional route and install a fireplace pit. The warmth and bright light are comforting, and adding additional lighting around it can create a safe and comfy atmosphere.
String Lights
A cute and magical way of adding light to your deck is by hanging fairy lights. These are especially fun as they come in different shapes and colors.
Overhead Lighting
For those of you who use a gazebo as your back patio, overhead lighting may be a simple way to brighten up the space. However, this is definitely a job for an electrician, so refrain from trying this yourself.
Fence Lighting
If you have a fenced-off backyard, you can install LEDs against it to create a circle of light around your yard. This will illuminate all the corners of your lot.