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20 Paint Shades That Will Open Up A Small Bathroom
Classic White
White walls will make a bathroom feel bright and appear larger. However, avoid off-white paint colors as it can make your bathroom look dull.
Light Gray
Light gray changes the look of a small bathroom. The white fixtures and decor will contrast very nicely with light gray walls.
Light Beige
A bathroom with light beige walls will bring you relaxation. The sunlight will bounce off the walls and pair beautifully with white accents.
Dark Blue
If you have gold accents in your bathroom, consider painting your walls dark blue. Contrary to popular belief, a dark paint color, like dark blue, will add depth to your walls, making the space feel larger.
Light Blue
You can feel like you’re at a spa every time you step into your bathroom if you paint your walls a light blue. Light blue walls will calm your nerves while looking amazing next to wooden materials.