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20 Unique Book Storage Ideas That Don't Require A Bookshelf
Display the books you’re busy reading or studying right now on your desk or tabletop so they’re within easy reach. Use bookends, vases, or planters to stack them neatly.
Many booklovers like to read a bit before nodding off every night. A nightstand is the most convenient way to keep some of your reading material near your bed.
Record Cabinet
If you’re one of those who revel in the nostalgia of vintage record players and LPs, the old record cabinets that they were kept in are ideal for storing your books.
Keep a stash of your books on a window ledge (ensuring they’re protected from rain or sun damage), and store children’s books under a window seat so they’re easy to reach.
Turn a dormant fireplace into book storage by using the mantel as a shelf and putting your books in the alcove itself. You can even create a faux fireplace book display.