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20 Ways To Use Pegboards For All Of Your Organizing Needs
For garages or workspaces, organize your tools with a pegboard to keep them visible and ready to use. Tools often have holes in their handles, so they're easy to hang on hooks and pegs.
Desk Accessories
For optimal organization, move anything that normally takes up space on your desk to a pegboard. Calendars and reminders can be hung, and adding shelves or pen holders is a fabulous way to make the most out of your board.
Kitchen Utensils
Just like garage tools, most kitchen utensils have a hole in the handle and can easily hang on pegs or hooks. Using a pegboard in the kitchen is a unique and creative way to style and organize your kitchen.
Children’s Toys
Pegboards can also be hung in a nursery, play area, or children’s bedroom to organize toys. Small containers and shelves keep everything organized in your child’s room while adding some style and flair.
Home Gym Equipment
Instead of placing your weights, bands, and mats in the corner of your workout area, hang them on your wall for easy access. Use a pegboard to keep everything together and organized while maximizing your space.