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20 Yellow Bathroom Ideas That Will Brighten Up Your Life
Yellow Subway Tiles
A fun and easy way to implement yellow into your bathroom is by creating a simple design with subway tiles. These tiles come in various sizes and textures to add the touch of color you're looking for.
Mixed Materials
You can see that the design has incorporated different types of materials with yellow hues in this bathroom. This can help create a monochromatic feel without being dull, and in addition, the glossy mustard wall creates the feeling of a brighter room.
Bumblebee In Action
The playful yellow and black tile on the wall contrasts nicely against the black floor and cove. Not only does the yellow ensure the bathroom stays bright, but so do the white drapes, bathtub, and countertop.
Everything Yellow
This bathroom is all yellow except for the few white touches. The great thing is that the minimalistic style prevents the color from feeling overwhelming, and without much else in the bathroom besides a sink, toilet, and showerhead, there are not many things to look at besides the colorful walls.
Keep It Simple
There's no need to cover everything in your bathroom with yellow to feel its brightening impact. Contrasting bits of this happy color throughout the room with white can create an open and warm appearance.