Flower pots hanging from a wooden pallet
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21 Creative Ways To Upcycle Wood Pallets For Your Garden
Hanging Pots
Attaching round wires to a vertical pallet will allow you to hang plant pots from it. This can be a great solution if you only have access to chemically treated or worn-down pallets, as the plants won't be inside the wood.
Herb Garden
If your pallet is safe for planting, you can create a small herb garden by building small planters within the rows. To remember where each herb is planted, paint the rows with chalkboard paint and label each one.
Color Coded
To add a splash of color to your planters and keep track of plant locations, consider painting each row of plants a different color. This can be a good alternative to labeling each plant by name.
Lounging Furniture
If you like to relax in your garden, you can easily create lounging furniture with wood pallets, such as tables, chairs, benches, and couches. You can make them even more comfortable by adding cushions on top.
Pair Of Pallets
Attaching a pair of pallets together will transform them into the perfect planter, as the herbs and flowers could be placed inside the piece. To make each plant more accessible, cut round holes in the front pallet.