Stack of colorful mixing bowls
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24 Clever Ways To Reuse A Mixing Bowl Around The House
Drill drainage holes in the bottom of your mixing bowl, fill it with soil, and plant your favorite flowers or greenery to create a unique, durable indoor or outdoor planter.
Gift Basket
Fill your mixing bowl with assorted gift items that your recipient will love, like treats, wine, or candles; tie a ribbon around the rim; and attach a personalized card.
Tiered Stand
Glue a small spindle or furniture leg to the center of a large mixing bowl, then attach a smaller bowl on top to create a tiered stand to organize or display items.
Ice Bucket
Fill a large mixing bowl with ice cubes and bottled or canned drinks to use as an ice bucket, or add a scoop and put it near the drinks so guests can add their own ice.
Turn an old glass mixing bowl into an open plant terrarium by adding a layer of small pebbles for drainage, then some landscaping fabric, and finally, soil and plants.