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25 Easy Decorating Ideas To Transform An Entire Room
In A Day
Change The Layout
Sometimes just switching up your living room’s layout can give the illusion that you’ve bought all new furniture. Try to create more open space, and bring in a few chairs and a dining table, if possible.
Bring In The Bloom
Plants bring any room to life and add a little green detail to the space. You can place them in stylish pots on top of elegant cabinets or experiment with large standing plants.
Accent Wallpaper
A fast and easy way to transform your home is by installing a striking wallpaper as an accent wall. This brings attention to the colorful design without overwhelming the space, and it is perfect if you don’t want to go through all the trouble of painting.
Color Coordination
Having a color palette that is consistent with a room’s decoration and design can really bring together your living room’s appearance. Matching curtains, rugs, and pillows can add some spice to your space, especially in an area with mainly white features.
Books For Décor
In addition to their educational factor, books can be a lovely accessory for any room. Install a bookshelf and design it with classic must-reads for a more studious look.