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25 Fixer Upper-Inspired Design Tricks To Live By
Timeless Touches
Whether it's a bright pop of color or an essential piece of furniture, it's completely up to you which element might best bring out your story. For example, authentic gable-style wood beams can make a statement over a neutral palette.
Build With Shiplap
Commonly used in traditional farmhouses, shiplap is a white wooden board that can be installed as siding to brighten spaces like a mud room, entryway, kitchen backsplash, or accent wall. Originally used to build barns or sheds, the technique also works well on interior walls and ceilings.
Wrought-Iron Fixtures
Decorating your home with industrial, wrought-iron light fixtures is a Gaines staple. There are many different types to choose from, and their dark features contrast well with white as they reflect both a modern and old farmhouse appeal.
Dressed In White
An elegant whitewash throughout the home balances a classic Gaines-inspired look. Although there are many colors of white to choose from, all the other pieces of the home can contrast well with the plain walls and stairwell.
Restore Original Elements
Find what gives your home character — it might be a stained-glass window, antique fireplace, or unique doorway or railing. These kinds of features are worth salvaging, as they evoke a focal point and personality within your home.