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25 Small Bathroom Shelf Ideas That Will Maximize Your Space
Trendy Round Shelf
Round shelves are having a moment, and it's no wonder why — they're stylish while also providing great storage. Hang one that matches your bathroom aesthetic and use it to store Q-tips or cotton balls alongside succulents.
Simple Floating Shelf
If you're really pressed for space, choose a small floating shelf to store your everyday necessities such as makeup brushes and a toothbrush. This gets them off of the countertop while taking up minimal room elsewhere.
Series Of Shelves
If you need more storage space than just a single floating shelf, go with a series of matching floating shelves. Follow the rule of three which, in the interior design world, simply means that objects look best in groups of three.
Metal Accent Shelf
Infusing some metal into your bathroom via an accent shelf can give your bathroom a cool, industrial feel. Hang one above the toilet and place extra toilet paper, tissues, room spray or a candle for guests to feel comfortable.
Crafty Crate
If you're in the mood for a DIY project, you can easily find an unfinished crate at your local craft store. Refinish it the way you want and hang it on the wall by using brackets or D-ring hooks to store towels or washcloths.