The foundation of a home is what keeps it upright and firm, and the type of foundation used, whether it’s concrete or stone, tells you its durability. These are the main clues to look for in weak foundations, and if you notice them, talk to a professional.
Surface Cracks
One of the most common signs of a weak foundation is horizontal cracks along your walls, and thin, fine cracks are typical in the first couple of years after construction. Your foundation might be moving too much, so look out for thick cracks that go wall-to-wall or across several tiles.
Doors And Windows
Doors or windows that stick, don’t latch properly, are uneven, or whose frames are coming off the wall might be caused by a poor foundation. High humidity after rain affects wooden doors and windows, so take this into consideration before talking to a professional.
Floors and Ceilings
A weak foundation contributes to uneven floors and ceilings, so check that it's level by rolling a marble along your floor. Some major events that cause damage are, load-bearing walls collapsing over time, soil shrinking and expanding, and flooded basements or leaks.