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3 Colors You Should Never Paint Your Front Door
More often than not, front doors are painted a neutral, basic color, but once in a while, homeowners may want to snazz up their house and add a pop of color to set the tone and showcase their personality. Whether you want to paint an existing door or upgrade your look for potential buyers, there are multiple things to consider.
Colors To Avoid
The three colors to avoid painting your front door are orange, brown, and pale green. It’s difficult to get the orange color just right without making your home look dirty, a brown door will seem outdated, and pale green is very difficult to match with the rest of the house.
Colors To Consider
Red represents power and protection, but if you want a bold shade that still radiates positive energy, painting your door black can actually attract relationships. Yellow is also a great color since it represents creativity, and pairs perfectly with a gray home.
Unconventional Colors
If you want a unique color, pink is a beautiful option that is easy to decorate and compliments outdoor flowers. Purple and blue can showcase your individual personality as dark shades are sophisticated and organized while light shades are more whimsical and casual.
For a more subtle front door, you can add a new doorknob, mail slot, or lighting fixture in addition to your paint. Other simple changes include adding flowers and succulents to brighten up the space or even adding a simple wreath on your door.